General terms and conditions of contract

The general terms and conditions for engineering companies in Austria apply (Download) with the following additions:

(Only the German version is authentic)

The ordering party shall be required to obtain, at its own costs, all permits or approvals of third parties, necessary to carry out the order and to furnish the contracting engineering company with the relevant evidence.

If the completion of the order requires examinations outside the premises of contracting engineering company, the ordering party has to provide contracting engineering company with access to the relevant location. In addition, the ordering party has to ensure such access to the items to be tested as allows an unhindered execution of the order. The ordering party must in particular take all necessary precautions to protect the right of third parties.

Unless exempted from this requirement in writing by the ordering party the contracting engineering company undertakes to hold any information relating to the order as confidential. Exempted from this commitment is information, which is public by nature or which has become public.

The contracting engineering company reserves the right to start services only against advance payments on the costs as well as to submit partial invoices in case of orders extending over several months.

All payments must be made within 14 days after receipt of the invoice, net, without any deductions, to the bank account given below. All transaction charges (charges for national and international bank transfers and commissions) shall be borne by the ordering party.