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Ing. Hubert Bachl-Hesse e.U. is an electrical engineering bureau focusing on

  • Protection and protective measures
  • Safety related basics for construction and development
  • National and international standardisation

in the area of low-voltage electrical equipment and installations and provides

  • consultancy
  • investigations
  • analysis
  • application support
  • testing
  • expert opinions
  • trainings/workshops

in the above mentioned areas.

Ing. Hubert BACHL-HESSE e.U. 

Member of the Austrian Association of Consulting Engineers

Rebschulgasse 3D / Tür 8
2103 Langenzersdorf

Phone: +43 664 345 31 37

Email: office@h-bachl.com

The company

Ing. Hubert Bachl-Hesse e.U. (hbconsult) was founded in August 2016 as a private company, located in 1210 Vienna, AUSTRIA.

The company‘s objective is to provide high quality, customer oriented and practical services.

Personal information

I was born in Vienna in 1965 and graduated as an electrical engineer at Höhere Technische Lehranstalt, TGM in Vienna.

My professional career started in 1985 as a test engineer and continued as head of testing and quality manager at Cooperative Testing Institute – CTI-VIENNA. During that time I also got involved in measurements and assessment of the body impedance of humans and life stock.

In 1993 I changed to EH-Schrack Components AG as head of research and development department, being also responsible for approbation matters and patent affairs.

By end of 1994 I returned to CTI-VIENNA and took over the Technical as well as the General Management of the company.

Between 2007 and 2013 I was a member of the board of directors of the Electrical Safety Foundation – ESF-VIENNA.

In 2016 I resigned from my functions at CTI-VIENNA and founded my own company as consulting engineer being a Member of the Austrian Association of Consulting Engineers and as a certified expert for low voltage electrical installations, protective measures, earthing, overvoltage protection and switchgear.

My special areas of expertise are overvoltage protection and protective measures in electrical installations and for equipment. In this area I am also convenor and member of various national and international technical committees at OVE, CENELEC and IEC.

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>> Activities as certified expert for low voltage electrical installations, protective measures, earthing, overvoltage protection and switchgear

Ing. Hubert Bachl-Hesse


I could gain more than 30 years of experience in testing and certification of electrotechnical products as well as with challenges of technical, legal and formal nature. For more than 20 years I was in charge as General and Technical Manager, guiding the staff and directing the company towards development and growth.

Since 1989 I am active in national standardisation (OVE) and since 1993 in international standardisation (CENELEC and IEC) in various functions, the most important of which are:

  • Convenor TSK-IS37A „Low-Voltage Surge Protective Devices“ since 1989
  • Chairman IEC SC37A „Low-Voltage Surge Protective Devices“ from 1999 to 2014
  • Vice Chair IEC SC37A since 2015 and Convenor of WG5 „Low-voltage surge protection devices“ since 2016
  • Convenor CLC TC64 WG04 „Protection against overvoltages of atmospheric origin or due to switching“ since 2004
  • Convenor TSK-E07 „Requirements for special installations or locations“ from 2005 to 2013
  • Convenor TSK-E05 „Selection and erection of electrical equipment“ since 2013

Trainings and Workshops

Organiser Title Date Event Location
OVE Principles and history of Insulation Coordination and their implementation in construction and testing. The essential requirements for the design of clearances and creepage distances. 22.10.2018 Seminar Vienna
Organiser Title Date Event Location
OVE Selection of electrical equipment and protective devices for Low-Voltage installations
legal background, terms, definitions, selection and influencing parameters,
switchgear, protective devices and monitoring devices, surge protective devices, functioning, requirements, verification, accessories (e.g. auxiliary contacts, trip units, reclosing devices),
coordination of protective devices, documentation
26.11.2019 Seminar Vienna
Organiser Title Date Event Location
OVE Overvoltage protection
physical basics, terms, definitions, overvoltages and surge currents, surge protective devices (SPDs), functioning, requirements for selection and application, protection concept, coordination
27.11.2019 Seminar Vienna

Also available:

  • Protection against electric shock / Protective measures
  • Installation rules
  • Protective devices and switchgear
  • Insulation coordination within switchgear assemblies

Seminar contents – examples for download:

I am also pleased to offer customer specific seminars/workshops at your preferred location and in my area of competence.